Combi Set 1

Combi Set 1

Ref: combi-1



6 different size pole/pellet pots

8 different size fittings

Included in this pack are 2 pellet pots designed and will feed 4mm, 6mm and micro pellets perfectly


THE pellet pots come with different size fittings called adaptors

The adaptor sizes included with these pellet pots fit any pole perfectly.

Adaptor sizes are 2.8-3.0mm, 3.2-3.4mm, 3.6-3.8mm and 4.2-4.4mm, slightly tapered and quick releasing. 


Included in this pack you will receive size 3 and 4 pole pots, with perforated holes in them.

This simply means you can use the pots for cupping in as normal, or you can change to a drip feeding system by pushing the bottom 4 holes out of the pot (bottom 4 holes suites most swims)

Also included in this packet you receive 6 plugs, (plug up 1 or 2 holes to slow the feed rate down) or all the holes to revert back to pole pot

SIZES 3 and 4 pots come with 4 different size fittings called adaptors

The adaptor sizes in these pots will fit ANY pole perfectly

Adaptor sizes are 4.6-4.8mm, 5.2-5.4mm, 5.6-5.8mm and 6.2-6.4mm, slightly tapered and quick releasing.

Price: 10.00

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