Pellet Pots - Match to Power Tips

Pellet Pots - Match to Power Tips

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Our pellet pots are specially designed, with larger holes than our other pots, to feed 6mm and micro-pellets beautifully!

We have a choice of pellet pots, one designed to fit match & power tips, the other to fit power and mega tips.

The only difference is the size of the adaptors. Please note that both sizes of adaptor are available for purchase.

To feed 6mm & 4mm pellets, connect any adaptor to the pole, fill the pole pot 3/4 full and ship out in the normal way.

If you want to feed just a few pellets, turn the pot from side to side (10 o'clock to 2 o'clock works great!) or simply tap the back of the pole.

If you need to stop feeding while playing a fish, simply turn the pot over and feeding will cease immediately.

This pot will also feed 4mm pellets, casters, hemp and liquidised bread.

Each individual adaptor will fit each and every one of our pots, enabling the angler to change from one feeding system to another in seconds!

Match to Power Tips Package

  • 2 pots (both 4cm diameter and 4 large holes) with lids
  • 4 tapered adaptors* (to fit match & power tips perfectly) measuring:

    2.8mm to 3.0mm
    3.6mm to 3.8mm
    4.2mm to 4.4mm 
    3.2mm to 3.4mm

  • Price £5.99

Price: 5.99

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