Pole Pots Sizes 1 & 2

Pole Pots Sizes 1 & 2

Ref: size1&2

These popular pots hold more bait than the Match pot.

Designed for all types of baits & swim, these pole-pots are a favourite with the match angler.

The packet comes with 2 different sized pots.

Both pots come with all holes plugged,which makes it the perfect pole pot for potting out, but transforming it into a drip-feeding system is simple. Simply push out the bottom 4 holes with a disgorger (more if you like, but we find that 4 is usually adequate for most baits and swims).

To revert back to a standard pole-pot, simply re-plug the holes using the plugs provided!

When used as a drip-feeding system, maggots will drip from the pot at variable rates - depending on how many holes you have chosen to un-plug.

If you wish to feed micro-pellets using the same method, a gentle turning of the pot from side to side (10 o'clock to 2 o'clock will work perfectly) or a simple tap to the back of the pole will provide a controlled feed that is easily stopped by turning the pot upside down.

Each individual adaptor will fit each and every one of our pots, enabling the angler to change from one feeding system to another in seconds!

Included in this packet:

  • Size 1 pot (5cm diameter, 8 holes) with lid
  • Size 2 pot (6cm diameter, 12 holes) with lid
  • 1 strip of plugs
  • 4 tapered adaptors* (to fit match & power tips perfectly) measuring:

    2.8mm to 3.0mm
    3.6mm to 3.8mm
    4.2mm to 4.4mm 
    3.2mm to 3.4mm

  • Price: £5.99


Price: 5.99

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